Floor Lights


DerbeLight conquers the Floor for displaying art. Our Floor Lights are the perfect hardware for high-resolution aerial photography and composed images, with a high level of detail and astonishing image quality. The images are changeable upon request and tiles can be equipped with DuraTrans material or glass. 



  • Non-slippery and scratch-resistant.
  • With a profile depth of 28mm, DerbeLights Floor Lights are conveniently thin and prints are easily exchangeable. 

  • The maximum size capacity is 3 x 2 m as a single unit. Larger floorings are created by multiple large-scale Floor Light tiles
  • Tunable White makes DerbeLights Floor Lights even more brilliant. It is possible to fine tune special mood lightings in color and light intensity.
  • Current applications: Galleries, entrance areas, dance floors, hallways, gyms, spas, pools, showers, etc., indoors and outdoors