About Us

About us

Let There Be Light!

DerbeLight is a global artists collective based in Hamburg. We create Light Installations at the convergence of art and functionality.

A passion for meticulous craftsmanship and German engineering form the foundation of our Illuminated Art.

DerbeLight’s unique photographic techniques and printing materials revolutionize the use and display of art with integrated illumination. Our product designs of Illuminated Art walls, Light Cupola ceilings, and seamless Light Portals, elevate the passive photographic image into an immersive visual experience.

The dazzling photo gallery at DerbeLight is a curation of specialized images by outstanding Artists, including those who have been shown at the Tate Modern and MoMA, and those who are in the permanent collections of the National Gallery of Modern Art in India.

With inspiring new applications, our Illuminated Art opens up the conventional limitations of interior and exterior design in an unprecedented manner.

If you can imagine it, we can design it! We can bring the expansive vista from a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey to light up a high-rise apartment in Mumbai; Or a drone image of the Brazilian rain forest into the floor of a studio apartment in Paris. We bring noble Masaai and Hadza Warriors atop the rocks of a flowing river in Tanzania, to become the iconic image in the reception area of an atelier in Los Angeles.

The beauty of our Illuminated Art is limitless in functionality and in its ability to transport mundane boundaries into exhilarating new visual-spatial design.

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